Update on coding: highlight of VS Model Lyndsey Scott

Months ago, I linked a quick snippet about coding and the popularity it is receiving in the "do-something-unusual-but-not-that-unusual" education-based dialogue.

Today, here's a share from an interview with Ms. Lyndsey Scott, a college graduate in computer science who codes reguarly.  Oh, and she models for advertisers and a little lingere company known as Victoria's Secret.

Business Insider recently interviewed her and said this:

[Lyndsey is] something of a celebrity on the [coding] site: users gain reputation points for providing helpful answers and the site keeps track of the number of views each profile attracts. To date, she's gained over 1,000 reputation points and her profile has been viewed over 38,000 times.
I really love this good press about a dynamic woman.

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