Educating Myself

New to the academic lineup are (1) Child, Family, and State, (2) Mediation, and (3) Leadership in the Public Sector. Though none overtly discusses education, education reform, or its subject matter’s application to schools, I am pretty sure that they can each be applied to solve our greatest domestic policy deficit—the achievement of our students.

So the goal is to tie the courses to our students by scraping out little pieces of doctrine.

First up: Child, Family, and State

From my outline of Bartholet’s Nobody’s Children. Text is paraphrased below. Any quotations, direct or indirect should be credited to Bartholet.

Family functions to provide care and nurture essential to a children’s well-being. Victims, even if adults, are children of victims. Need special parenting to overcome damage from their condition.  Behind closed doors, no one can see what is going on and there is no huge criminal threat. American culture makes Nobody’s Children possible. 

Major Points from Nobody’s Children

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