New Study says a college degree continues to be more valuable

An article published in the New York Times today shows that the value of having a college degree has risen dramatically since 1980 (for the 80's babies like me), and has even risen since 2010.

Here's a bit of the scoop of what writes:
The pay of people with a four-year college degree has risen compared to that of those with a high school degree but no college credit. The relative pay of people who attended college without earning a four-year degree has stayed flat.
Importantly, the article also notes:
a bachelor’s degree does not guarantee success. But of course it doesn’t. Nothing guarantees success . . .
The article even goes on to criticize the discussions aimed to depress people from going to college.
The decision not to attend college for fear that it’s a bad deal is among the most economically irrational decisions anybody could make in 2014.
To read the whole thing yourself, see here:

Is College Worth It? Clearly, New Data Say