States with Most K-12 Black Student Graduates

National Center for Education Statistics new study shows that my home state, Georgia, is not among the top states with the most K-12 student graduates who are African-American/Black. Unfortunately, this is no shocker to me, but I do hope for the days where Georgia can proudly make this this. Here are those states that are above the national average of African-American/Black graduates.

National average69% graduation rate for African-American/Black students compared to 73% for Hispanic students, 86% for white students, and 88% for Asian students.

In reverse order, according to an article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

10. South Carolina and Arizona (71%)
9. Vermont and Maine (72%)
8. Connecticut, Indiana, Massachusetts and Missouri (73%)
7. Iowa, Delaware, Nebraska, West Virginia (74%)
6. Kansas, New Jersey, North Carolina, Virginia (75%)
5. North Dakota, New Hampshire, Hawaii (76%)
4. Maryland (77%)
3. Arkansas (78%)
2. Montana and Tennessee (79%)
1. Texas (84%)