Philadelphia's Arlene Ackerman is Out. But Why?

Booting up my computer this morning, I again saw headlines of the Philadelphia education leader that is no more -- Arlene Ackerman.  Admittedly, I have not followed her administration, the policies, or the press.  I do know, however, that some organizations in the civil rights community welcomed her presences in Philadelphia and were optimistic of what she would do there.  So, I though to ask someone more familiar with Philadelphia about it.  Here's a few lines from my anonymous source:
"Over time, the theatrics surrounding her management style and personality became the story, not what she actually accomplished or attempted to for students.  Due to our schools governance structure, having allies and good relationships is very important.  She didn't seem to do too well with creating the right allies."
So it seems the press clippings jive with what Phillies felt on the ground.  But what about her education policies?  How were those received?
"My sense is that most folks wouldn't quabble with her actual agenda."
Hmm.  So are there any important take-a-ways as Ackerman leaves?
"Seems more like a case for 'if you want to be big city superintendent, you gotta be a politician too.'"
Lesson learned.  Resume the forward-charge.

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