Switch Hitting for the Goodside -- Bring my Passion to the Capitol!

My summer time at a law firm has now ended and I'm switch hitting for the good side at a national advocacy organization in Washington, D.C.  Yep, I said it -- in the homeland of the federal government, I am just blocks away from the House floor.

Of course I'm focusing on education policy, bringing my experiences full circle.  So expect to hear my passionate outcries against crippling policies and in support increased opportunities for students and their families.  Kinda nice to get to actually say something.  No better not say that because then they will think you are one of those kinds of people. No if you say that they will just ask you what you meant by that and then they will know you are not their friend. No you know they are gonna ask for support for that statement, and you don't even wanna go there. And especially no you are absolutely wrong on that issue and I am yearning to tell you about yourself.  Instead I get to write, influence, observe, effectuate, dialogue, and deliver.  Yum!

So in the mean time and in-between time . . . stay posted.

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