No Weapon

As incredibly excited as I am by the nearly 1/2 million phone calls posted for today (now yesterday), I urge the campaign to PRESS forward.

It seems the media is lulling the public into security: the electoral map, the "up in the polls" Barack leanings, the hype over a McCain "last ditch effort."

Tomorrow I am calling not only because I believe in what we are all doing and support the cause, but because I have a new fire in me. Let's not underestimate the Republican based to get the job done- anyhow, anyway.

I watched the infomercial today and looked over at my class photo of elementary 1st-grade students from the Atlanta school where I taught. I REALIZED THAT NOW IS THE TIME TO KICK IT INTO HIGH GEAR. They need this. We need this. America needs this.

PLEASE URGE EVERYONE TO NOT REST! Call, knock, donate, support and let's not take anything as granted.

I am not afraid-- quite the opposite-- I am faithful. Thank you everyone for making me believe. Thank you Barack for giving me hope.

Let's do it. :-)

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